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A Website Based in South Africa is Publishing Thousands of Islamic Audio Online for Free

A project called Muslim Central has become one of the largest publishers of Islamic audio online and they are making everything available free of charge.

The project which is based in South Africa started in 2012. It currently receives 2 million downloads every month from around the world.

It has over 12000 Islamic audio lectures by over 100 speakers from around the world with more being added daily. Muslim Central’s sister-project, Quran Central which is dedicated to Quranic audio has recordings from 275 recitors!

The people behind the project say their aim is to serve the deen:

Serving the Deen online allows for many opportunities to earn massive amounts of reward. Example, in the case of our Audio Publishing, imagine we get the reward of each lecturer, think of the Hadith of guiding others towards goodness. Now, consider we serve over 2 Million Downloads monthly, Alhumdullilah. This keeps us motivated in the hope of earning Allah’s mercy!

Muslim Central has unique technology in place which allows speakers to upload lectured onto their website directly which is then immediately made available on iTunes Podcasts, their Android App and third party apps.

We all need reminders and audio lectures are perfect for when we are on public transport, driving, or even cooking.

Be sure to check out and their app on Android and on iTunes.

May Allah reward those behind the project.


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Written by IlmFeed

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