Some of the Funniest Tweets from the #IGrewUpInATerroristHouse Hashtag

Muslims have taken to Twitter to react to the news that a 10-year-old Muslim boy was reported to police for making making a simple spelling mistake.

The boy was reported to the police by his teachers for writing in an English class that he lives in a “terrorist house”. He had misspelled ‘terraced’.

The teachers had not realised that it was an innocent mistake and in accordance with the 2015 Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, which states that teachers are obliged to alert the authorities to any suspected terrorist behaviour, they called the police. This was not the first time children have been wrongly reported to the police and many have criticised the Government’s Prevent Programme for creating a climate of suspicion towards children.

The following are some funny tweets from the #IGrewUpInATerroristHouse hashtag which is being used to ridicule the over reaction by the teachers and the police:

Some made use of puns:

Others made intentional spelling ‘mistakes’:

And many others used the hashtag to tweet something funny:

Zahid had some sympathy for those growing up on Isis Road in Bedford:

Written by IlmFeed

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