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Praying for a Strong Signal

Imagine you are driving in a strange, isolated place with not a soul in sight. There are no street lights and you are using your car’s headlights to see what’s ahead.

You are relying on your GPS app on your smartphone to get you to your destination. The connection isn’t great and the signal is temperamental. You haven’t been more reliant on your GPS because if the signal was to go, you know you’d be lost and be left driving around aimlessly in the dark, potentially driving further away from your destination.

The above can be compared to Hidayah (guidance from Allah). Hidayah is like the GPS signal, it is something we receive constantly from Allah in every moment of our lives. It is our moral compass and that which allows us to distinguish the right from the wrong and distinguish between belief and disbelief. Without Hidayah guiding us like the GPS, we risk going astray and wandering away from the right path.

We are living at a time where the darkness of sin and disbelief is around us – towards which we are being invited everyday. We are ever in need of that signal of Hidayah.

The scariest part is that none of us know what state we’ll be at the time of our deaths. History has seen many great worshipers, people of knowledge and callers to Allah being misled. Were they insincere to begin with? Did they become careless? Did they begin to feel a false sense of security thinking that they’ve done enough for Jannah? Did they feel that they had done and were doing so much for their deen and cease to humble themselves before Allah?

Allah Knows the reasons but we must always have humility before Allah and always ask Allah for Hidayah at every stage of our lives for if that signal of Hidayah ceased, we could end up in grave danger.

May Allah guide us, and guide others through us.

By Rafiq ibn Jubair

Written by Rafiq ibn Jubair

Rafiq ibn Jubair is the founder and Director of IlmFeed. He is a graphic designer and digital marketing specialist by profession. Rafiq is also a graduate of the Islamic Sciences and has Ijazas (formal authorisation) in Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh amongst other subjects.

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