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Police Officer Dives Into Freezing Water to Save Man from Drowning

A police officer from Rochdale, England has been praised after he risked his life to save a man from drowning.

PC Mohammed Nadeem dived into a freezing river after he noticed a man struggling to stay afloat.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, he said:

“I thought this person might not survive, so I jumped into the water to save him.”

“Somehow I managed to get to him and bring him to a place of safety. I wouldn’t say I’m a good swimmer, especially in deep flowing water.

“Saving him is the best feeling in the job. We are there to protect people, to save people.

Watch the dramatic rescue below:

“…if anyone kills a person- unless in retribution for murder or spreading corruption in the land- it is as if he kills all mankind, while if any saves a life it is as if he saves the lives of all mankind…” Qur’an, 5:32


Written by IlmFeed

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