Over 200 Mosques to Hold Open Days Across Britain this Sunday

Over 200 mosques across the UK are getting set to open their doors on 18 February 2018 as part of Visit My Mosque Day 2018 with the aim of building more bridges between communities.

The Visit My Mosque Day is an annual event facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain where people of all faiths and none visit their local mosque to learn more about Islam. This year will see the largest ever number of mosques taking part.

Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said, “Muslims across the UK are yet again sending a strong message that despite what the headlines say, we are open, engaging in dialogue and positively contributing to British public life. Last year saw over ten thousand visitors nationwide attend a Visit My Mosque open day event and we hope that in 2018 with over 200 mosques taking part, even more visitors will take the opportunity to get to know their Muslim neighbours.”

A recent YouGov Poll commissioned by the MCB has found that almost 70% of Britons hadn’t seen the inside of another faith’s place of worship, and almost 90% hadn’t been inside a mosque, in recent years.

“Despite the multi-religious and multi-cultural society we live in, these poll results show that the majority of Britons have not seen what the place of worship of another faith looks like,” said Harun Khan.

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