Muslim Taxi Drivers Offer Free Lifts Following Manchester Explosion

22 people have died and many others wounded following an explosion at the Manchester Arena during a concert.

It’s still unclear what has caused the explosion but many have speculated it’s terrorism related.

Some have been quick to blame Muslims for this terrible incident.


In response, people have been responding with stories of taxi drivers in Manchester (many of whom are Muslim) offering free lifts to those affected by the incident:




Others have highlighted the fact that it is likely Muslim doctors will be working through the night saving lives:



Manchester based Imam, Abu Eesa Niamatullah posted the following message on Facebook calling on people to assist in whatever way they can:



We should not allow these incidents to divide us as that is exactly those who seek to do harm want. In times of terrible tragedy, what we do for each other shows who we really are. At times like these we should stick together and assist one another in whatever way we can.

Written by IlmFeed

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