Muslim Students Pray in Middle of University Campus Protected by Their Non-Muslim Classmates

Muslim students at the University of East Anglia decided to hold Friday prayers in the middle of their campus protesting the University’s decision to close their prayer room just days before Ramadan.

In a show of solidarity, their Non-Muslim classmates formed a human chain around the congregation to protect it from security.

Shoayb Muhammad posted a video of the prayer on his Facebook page:


Masha Allah! Our brothers and sisters at University of East Anglia Islamic Society praying Jummah Salah in the middle of campus to show the university they cannot take away their prayer space.


Posted by Shoayb Muhammad on Friday, 19 May 2017

A petition has been started by the University of East Anglia Islamic Society and it has been received more than 5,000 signatures.

A statement by the Islamic society reads: “We have just found out that the University is not only taking away the Friday Prayer Space in Blackdale for Muslim students on the eve of Ramadan, but also permanently taking away the Muslim daily prayer space in Lecture Theatre 2, to be replaced with a corridor to the Library. This has been done with zero Muslim student consultation or input.”

“The University, which has been expanding its numbers, is trying to convince us that the already crowded Multi-Faith Centre will somehow fit all current students of faith.”

A spokesperson from the University has said the Vice Chancellor would be meeting with students imminently to discuss the matter.

Written by IlmFeed

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