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Muslim Takeaway Owner Calmly Defeats Armed Robber

Said Ahmed was busy serving a customer a large Chicken Soulvaki at his restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand when an armed robber walked in wielding a gun.

Although most of us would panic, freeze or run for cover at the sight of a gun, Said didn’t. Instead he decided to finish making the large Chicken Soulvaki (I bet you want one of these now) and serve it to the customer. At this point Said even managed to give the masked robber a cheeky smile.–Se02RA
After serving the customer and ensuring he had left the shop, Said simply turned around and walked away from the gunman, completely diffusing the situation and throwing him off-guard. The masked robber, now completely confused by Said’s calm nature, turns around and leaves the premises with Said unharmed.

When later questioned about his calm behaviour Mr Ahmed said

“The man wanted to frighten me and I decided he couldn’t do that.”

He also explained that he passed the customer his Chicken Soulvaki meal so that he would leave and be out of any danger.

Ahmed went on to say “The robber was very confused by my behaviour. He wanted to scare me but I wasn’t scared, so I took away his power.”

Ahmed is originally from Egypt where he says he is use to violence and fighting however his newfound home in New Zealand where he has lived for over 20 years is much calmer.

“My heart was beating quickly, I was scared, but I wasn’t going to show him that. That is why my nature is cool. I have been 20 years here and never seen any fighting. In Egypt it happens every day but in New Zealand I am calm because it is a safe country.”

Said’s 19-year-old daughter Yasmin, said the unfazed behaviour of her father was typical. She went on to say “When he walks away it was brave, but risky. You can see the robber was appalled by the reaction, that he got no response even though he had a gun. His only choice was to leave.”

Local police are still searching for the suspect.

Written by Toy Miah

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