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Muslim Aid Break World Record for Biggest Samosa and Feeds it to the Homeless

A new Guinness world record attempt for the world's biggest samosa is made by Muslim Aid at the East London Mosque to feed the neighbourhood's homeless people in London, England on August 22, 2017. Weighing in at 153kgs, it has been official rewarded with a Guinness world record.

Volunteers from British charity Muslim Aid have made the world’s biggest samosa, weighing in at a whopping 153kgs.

The massive snack was prepared, cooked and served up at the East London Mosque on Tuesday 22 August and was distributed to the local homeless population.

The idea was dreamt up to draw attention to the generosity of Muslims during religious festivals like Eid.

Muslim Aid’s Foreed Islam is presented with a Guinness World Records certificate.

Zac Hussain, Director of Communities and Business Development at Muslim Aid, said:

“Everyone knows and loves a samosa.  We wanted to make a larger-than-ever version of this popular food to demonstrate visually how people of the Muslim faith work tirelessly throughout the year, and particularly during Eid, doing charitable acts to support the unfortunate in the community around them and further afield.

“The samosa will feed the homeless near our offices in London. Meanwhile, donations via Muslim Aid will feed hundreds of thousands in the developing world.”

The second of the two annual Eids, Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice begins on Friday 1 Septembers. As part of the festival, people are expected to do good deeds and demonstrate generosity by providing food for the poor including performing the act of Qurbani when they are required to donate meat to the poor.

British charity Muslim Aid expects to feed 300,000 people this Eid in countries like Bangladesh, Bosnia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

Donate your Qurbani with Muslim Aid

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