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10 Top Tips for Those Travelling for Hajj

My name is Irfan Ali and I am from Scotland. Alhamdulillah I have a real passion for Umrah and Hajj which led me to go for Hajj in 2013 – this experience changed my life!

While I was there I vlogged my journey to put onto YouTube with the intention of helping those going for Hajj, and since then, I started my YouTube channel ‘Hajj Vlogger’ where I share tips and advice for Hajj and Umrah as well as other lifestyle videos.

Here are my 10 top tips for those travelling for Hajj this year:

1. Be organised before you travel – Check passports, vaccines, make extra copies of documents.

2. Fitness & diet – Hajj is physically and mentally demanding – eat good food, eat less and walk more. Go out for walks before going for Hajj.

3. Packing – Pack essentials in your hand luggage just in case your main luggage goes missing. See video below for more details

4. Know your Hajj! Learn and research BASICS before going. Be confident about the days of Hajj.

5. Expectations – Lower your expectations, expect the worst, things can only get better!

6. Rest as much as you can! Take it easy before Hajj! You will need your energy for the days of Hajj.

7. Focus on yourself – Get your heart ready for Hajj, take time out for your self before hajj, renew your intentions.

8. Connect with Allah – Make dhikr, read Quran, recite durood/salam upon the Beloved Prophet ﷺ. Sit and look at the Kabah.

9. Help others – For me, Hajj is all about helping others. Be at the service of others. Help as many people as possible.

10. Have Sabr! – This is my biggest tip! You will need it! it is one of the most important things that will get you through Hajj!

Please see the video below for full details:

May Allah bless you all and accept your Hajj. Ameen

Keep me and the ummah in your duas ?

Written by Irfan Ali

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