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How Do the Paris Attacks Compare to Assad’s Terror?

Every life lost is a tragedy. The recent attacks in Paris against civilians were rightly condemned worldwide but how does it compare to the terror inflicted upon the Syrian population by Bashar Al Assad and other groups?

The Syria Campaign action group have posted an infographic showing the number of civilians killed in Paris and Syria by Da’esh (ISIS) as well as the number of civilians reportedly killed in Syria by Bashar Al Assad’s forces and other groups between 15th March 2011 and 31st October 2015. An icon of the Eiffel Tower represents 129 civilians killed.


Da’esh (ISIS): 1,712
Al Qaeda: 347
Assad Forces: 180,879
Rebels: 2,669
Kurdish Forces: 379
US-led Coalition: 251
Russian Forces: 263
Unknown: 2,002

This infographic shows that Bashar Al Assad and his forces have killed the highest number of civilians and poses the greatest threat to humanity. The international community must do more to stop his reign of terror.

Written by IlmFeed

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