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Heroic Muslim Taxi Driver Saves Baby’s Life

A heroic Muslim driver came to the rescue of a baby after hearing the scream’s of its mother.

31 year old Mohammed Sakandar who is a taxi driver was out shopping at a Primark store in Manchester, England when he ran to save the life of the baby who ‘wasn’t breathing’ and was ‘pale’.

Mohammed told the Manchester Evening News:

“I heard the mother and grandmother of the baby girl screaming and I just thought, ‘what is going’ on?’.

“They were holding the baby and I could see the girl was really pale and her eyes were open but not moving. I thought she might have died at one point.

“Everyone was in such a panic and shouting and crying but I ran over to them and put the baby on the floor held her nose closed and gave her mouth to mouth. I only did it two or three times but then she started blinking and was breathing again.”

He then put her in the recovery position until the ambulance arrived.

Mohammed added:

“The family were so so grateful and were thanking me. But I would have done it for anybody. I have three children of my own and you never know when you are going to need someone else’s help.

“It was just instinct to go and help.”

“I think a lot of people shy away from helping because they think they will do something wrong, but I just had to help.

Mohammed says that it’s important for everyone to learn basic first aid:

“I just want to raise awareness of how important it is that people know basic first aid and what to do in this situation.”

This is what a real hero looks like. Well done Mohammed!

Photo: Manchester Evening News

By Rafiq ibn Jubair

Written by Rafiq ibn Jubair

Rafiq ibn Jubair is the founder and Director of IlmFeed. He is a graphic designer and digital marketing specialist by profession. Rafiq is also a graduate of the Islamic Sciences and has Ijazas (formal authorisation) in Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh amongst other subjects.

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