Help IlmFeed Build a School for Rohingya Children

Every Ramadan the IlmFeed team chooses a worthy cause to fundraise for. In 2017, we raised money to provide prosthetic limbs to the people of Syria. Last year, we raised over £170,000 to provide safe drinking water to thousands of people in Gaza using solar-powered water purification units and in December we raised over £50,000 to provide food to the people of Yemen. All this was possible through your generous support Alhamdulillah.

This Ramadan we are fundraising to build a school in Bangladesh near the Myanmar border in order to provide free education for Rohingya children many of whom are orphans. You have an opportunity to make a huge difference.

The Most Persecuted Minority in the World

The United Nations have described the Rohingya “as the most persecuted minority in the world.” They have faced extreme persecution and genocide for most of the past century. In 2017, over a million Rohingya men, women and children were forced to flee from murder and rape.

The majority came to neighbouring Bangladesh with around a third being children – many of whom have lost one or both parents in the violence. They were denied an education in their homeland and now as refugees, they have no access to crucial education.

Many of the children who live in camps for Rohingya refugees have seen terrible things which no child should ever have to witness. Their future seems bleak and they face a life of poverty.

By providing them an education, they can be saved from a cycle of poverty and give them the prospect of a bright future where they will be able to support themselves and their families.

Education is a passport which provides those in need an escape from poverty.

We are working with Lonely Orphans who are a registered charity in Britain and have been working in Bangladesh to help Rohingya refugees since 2013.

They have helped thousands of Rohingya with food, shelter and medical aid. Thousands of children are currently studying in schools set up by Lonely Orphans.

The Proposed School

The school will have 5 classrooms and will be able provide free education to Rohingya children. Uniforms, books and a daily lunch will be provided to all students.

The following subjects will be taught:

  • English
  • Maths
  • National Curriculum (Bangladesh)
  • Hifz (memorisation of the Qur’an)
  • Vocational Islamic Studies.

InshaAllah for every letter of the Qur’an the children read, you will be rewarded.

The land has already been secured by Lonely Orphans and preliminary plans have been drawn up for a 2-storey school.

3D render of proposed school

Floor plans

Please bear in mind, these are preliminary plans and are subject to change.

We Can Do It Together

Please donate whatever amounts you can – large or small and together, we can build the school which will bring hope to Rohingya children.

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As soon as the funds are raised, work will begin immediately. We will update all donors with the progress of the school insha Allah.
Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, Myself and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together. (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī)

All the money donated will go directly to Lonely Orphans who will manage the building process.

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Written by IlmFeed

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