A Halal Investment Company is Making Headlines After Securing $7m in Funding

Halal investment company Wahed Invest is making headlines after securing $7m in funding from Cue Ball Capital and BECO Capital.

Wahed Invest is a digital halal investment platform which only invests in things deemed permissible in Islam and avoids investing in things like alcohol and gambling.

Wahed Invest’s CEO, Junaid Wahedna said in a statement:

“We know that practicing Muslims believe in a complete approach to embracing Halal values but, until recently, have lacked the ability to easily incorporate investing into their ethical practices.”

In June 2017, well-known publications such as Tech Crunch, Mashable, Forbes and Reuters published articles about Wahed Invest and how it is revolutionising halal investing.

In September 2017, Wahed Invest teamed up with Muslim civil rights organization CAIR to sponsor the biggest billboard in New York’s Times Square where they displayed Eid greetings for Eid Al Adha along with a message of peace.

It’s great to see platforms like Wahed Invest catering to the need of Muslims who wish invest their money in through modern technology whilst ensuring they remain true to their faith and values.

Learn more about Wahed Invest here.

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Written by IlmFeed

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