Someone Put an Eid Message on Times Square’s Biggest Billboard

This is so cool. A message saying “Eid Mubarak” has been displayed on New York Times Square’s biggest billboard.

The billboard went live on 1st September at 8pm EST. on the landmark NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square as Muslims in the USA and around the world celebrated Eid Al Adha.

The billboard was sponsored by Wahed Invest, a shariah-compliant investment platform who partnered up with the New York branch of leading Muslim civil rights organization CAIR.

Wahed Invest’s CEO Junaid Wahedna told IlmFeed the company wanted to spread the positivity of Eid with the world:

“We really felt we should spread the positivity and love of the Eid festivities with the world especially after all the negativity tied to Muslims in the US and worldwide.”


About Wahed Invest:

Wahed Invest wants to be the first ‘roboadvisor’ to allow American Muslim investors to go digital without compromising their faith.

“While online investing may seem unorthodox to some Muslims across the globe, Muslim millennials in the U.S. have been interested in digital investment services and computer-generated, wealth management advice for some time,” Wahed CEO Junaid Wahedna said in a statement. “To date, they have been forced to use online investment platforms that don’t mirror their beliefs. Wahed offers them a solution to invest online in a way that is both sophisticated and true to their values.”

Wahed Invest has been featured in multiple online publications including TechCrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg and Mashable.

Visit to learn more.

Written by IlmFeed

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