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British Woman’s Tweet Highlighting Unbalanced Reporting About Muslims Goes Viral

A tweet by a trainee lawyer and Oxford law graduate has gone viral. The tweet by 23 year old Anna was shared over 13,000 times:

She tweeted figures from the Charity Commission which published data about the amounts Muslim donated to charity during Ramadan.

Most of the mainstream media failed to report the story which Anna highlighted in her tweet.

Many Muslims feel unfairly represented in the media and feel that only negative stories about Muslims are reported which is probably why the tweet received so many shares and likes.

When contacted by Arab News website, Al Arabiya English, Anna said:

“I think the British media in general only reports negative stories – it’s very rarely good news that makes the press. But unfortunately in the case of UK Muslims that means most news involving Muslims is all about terror attacks, like in Paris and Nice,”

“I think people should know the amazing work Muslims have done this year, and all throughout the year rather than get all painted by a few extremists’ actions,” she added

Some have suggested that there is a an agenda to demonise Muslims in the media whilst others have suggested that it’s simply a case of what ‘sells’ or in the case of online news, what drives the most traffic to the websites.

At a time where Islamophobia is on the increase fuelled by a negative portrayal of Muslims in some parts of the media, IlmFeed has made it its mission to challenge that by focussing on featuring positive stories about Muslims. Here are some examples:


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