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British MP Fasts in Solidarity with Leicester’s Muslim Community

British MP Jonathan Ashworth of the Labour Party yesterday shared a live video on Facebook outside a mosque in Leicester around an hour before he was due to break his fast with the local Muslim community.

In the video he explains that he was fasting in solidarity with Leicester’s Muslim community adding that “there are more things which are in common with us than divides.”

He said,

“I think it was important today to join our friends in fasting to send a message of solidarity to our Muslim community in Leicester, to show a gesture of support because in the last few days we’ve seen disgusting xenophobic incidents, racist incidents, Islamophobic incidents in Leicester.”

Watch the video:

Ramadan in Leicester

Posted by Jonathan Ashworth on Friday, 1 July 2016


This was a great gesture by Jonathan which was appreciated by the Muslim community.

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