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Wife Travels Across Town Everyday to Have Lunch with Her Husband

A post about a wife sharing a meal with her husband has gone viral.

It was posted on Facebook by their son, Fariz Suhaimi last year but it has recently gained traction.

He begins by describing how his father works 12 hours a day under the hot son in order to provide for his family:

“Father works more than 12 hours a day (under the hot sun) just to let my mom have a good life, but she still chose not to sit and relax even though she can have a good life.”

He then writes about how his mother travels across town to share meals with her husband:

“She will travel all the way from Sengkang to Kranji just to share meals with dad and make sure dad won’t go hungry, then go back home saying “Now i can rest with ease knowing your dad is not hungry and he’s all good”.

Google Maps

According to Google maps, the distance between Sengkang to Kranji us 19 km which takes around 20 minutes to travel by car and just under an hour by public transport.

Fariz describes how a woman can ‘tame’ even the worst man on the planet:

“Remember, even a worst man on a planet can be tamed by a woman not because she is strong physically or mentally, but a person who shares sincerity, love, care and loyalty towards that man. Now that’s a definition of a strong lady.”

Finally, he shares some words of wisdom taught to him by parents:

“Health is the greatest gift
Contentment is the greatest wealth
Faithfulness is the best relationship”

The post touched many and it has been shared by over 2,400 people.

Nancy described the couple as a ‘great man’ and a ‘wonderful woman’:

Rozita said that this reminded her of the Prophet’s wife Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) who reported used to climb the Jabal Noor mountain to bring food for the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him):

See full post below:

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