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When Muhammad Ali Gave Dawah to a Packed Television Audience

In this television interview in front of a packed live British audience, boxing legend Muhammad Ali is asked what his plans are after he retires. No one expected what he was about to say…

He begins by calculating how many years he has left until he is 65 and works out he’ll spend around 9 years sleeping…

1 sleep 9 years

…After calculating things like travelling and entertainment, he works out he has only 16 years to be productive…

2 16 years to be prodcutive

…then he begins his Da’wah, he says he will spend the rest of his life getting ready to meet God…

3 get ready to meet God

…and explains business and wealth will not get a person to heaven.

4 money wont get me to heaven

He then asks the audience ‘how many believe there’s a God?’. Many affirm that they do and some don’t…

5 how many believe theres a God

He then asks a series of questions to those who don’t believe in God to make them think.

6 did this spring into existance

He gives simple but powerful examples, he takes a cup and asks if it could make itself…

7 did it make itself

…and if the television studio could have come into existence all by itself.

8 tv station

He proves that such a thing would be absurd so claiming the Universe came about without a Creator would also be absurd.

9 wise planner made it

He then proceeds to remind everyone about death and that it can come anytime…

10 people die everyday

12 everybody dead in 20 years

And that we all have a Creator who Sees and Knows what we do…

11 God is watching me

He reminds everyone that this life is temporary and the main life is in the hereafter, either heaven or hell…

13 heaven or hell

…and that this body of ours, our children and family have only been given as trusts to us.

14 we are trustees

He ends by mentioning that we have been put into this Earth so it can be seen which of us is best in deeds and are good to humanity.

15 get ready to meet God

See the video:

May Allah keep him in good health and iman and allow him to die with the kalimah.

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