This Man’s Facebook Post About His Nikah is Going Viral. Here’s Why

Eftekar Saaleh from London posted the following Facebook status update yesterday:

So here it goes.. When I was planning on getting married I had in the bank a grand total of £300. The fee to get married…

Posted by Eftekar Saaleh on Monday, 12 October 2015


Since posting, it has received over 5,300 likes and over 1,700 shares.

Eftekar, commenting on the response said he “‘couldn’t believe it” and he thought that it was received so well because the “new generation was fed up with the old system”. What he meant was the growing tradition of new couples pressured by family into spending huge amounts of money on lavish weddings and not being able to marry because they could not ‘afford it’ although a small wedding would suffice.

It inspired many:

I don’t know how this popped up on my newsfeed but I’m glad it did. This is very inspiring and I pray to Allah swt that you both have a blessed and successful marriage. – Irfan Sheikh

This post made me really happy as I think exactly the same and thought I m probably one among very few of them who thinks like that and probably would be impossible to find some to get married very simple way wish you all the best may Allah’s mercy and blessings unto you and your family! ! – Shaqil Shah-Jahan

Others shared their own experiences:

I asked hubby for £100 and we just did Nikah and few friends n family – Inayah Hussain

I’m not in competition brother but just thought I’d share my nikah was £100.00 dowry, £75.00 imams fee, no gold or gifts just duas… My mum cooked and fed the immediate family which was a maximum of 20 people (about £75.00 max) … The money that I could have spent on a lavish wedding all went towards feeding the orphans and widows on the outskirts of Makkah. – Fozia Senwan Amani

Mashallah brother, my wedding was also near enough simple, I gave my wife clothes and gold but I did not need the excess such as hiring a massive venue and inviting 1000s of unknown relatives and the big cars etc, at the time I was a student and was working part time in McDonald’s but allah provides alhamdulillah I’ve been married now for 9 years, blessed with 3 children and have a well paid job alhamdulillah I’m happy I would say I’m more happy than some of my friends who cannot have children or start a family as they are still paying off the debt from their wedding, unfortunately we are heading towards a scary future where people are living beyond their means just to show off and mainly have that perfect Instagram photo for the world to see and then go back to reality. – Ashraf Hussain

Whilst others commented on why spending too much is not a good idea:

Subhanallah masha allah i wish i had done lookin back now i realised how much unnecessary spending i did wish i cld turn back time i advise the youth of today keep that money as will come in handy in the future and trust me it will and Allah will only make ur money grow of which ever halaal money u have Insha Allah – Irfan Patel

If only all marriages was like this it would be beautiful, spending so much money and doing unnecessary things and wasting it, it is not right which I think, I also see a lot of people are spending money which is outside of their means which causes the marriage to fall on the long run. – Ahad Miah

Makes total sense to do it basic even if one has money rather than waste on limos, helicopters, dance and dj shows, (most acts usually are haram btw); best to use that money as deposit for house..!! – Abdul Ghaffar

Zulqarnayn shared a worrying story:

I know a brother who didn’t get married because he was told by his own father that until he was able to spend around £50,000 then he wouldn’t allow the wedding to happen – Zulqarnayn Raja

Finally, Abdul Kahhar shared some wise words:

Those reading this and thinking of getting away without spending – if you can genuinely afford it then don’t be a tight (miserly). Spend and announce this special occasion but don’t be extravagant.

In this time of temptation and vice, we should make marriage easy and not put up societal and cultural barriers which makes it hard for them to get married. A person should spend according to their means and weddings should not be a time to show off. It is an act of worship and in a Hadith as mentioned by Eftekar, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said:

“The most blessed wedding (nikah) is the one with the least expenses.” (al-Bayhaqi)

Eftekar and his wife now have three beautiful children and he runs a blog called Contemplate Quran. May Allah bless Eftekar and his family and protect them from all evils. Ameen

By Rafiq ibn Jubair

Written by IlmFeed

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