The Winners of the Love for the Beloved Poetry Competition

The Love for the Beloved project organised a poetry competition calling on Muslims of all ages to submit pieces of poetry expressing their love for Allah.

The competition was divided into three categories; ages 6-10, 11-15 and 16+. Out of nearly 300 submissions the judges chose 3 winners and they are as follows:


6-10 Category: Sumayya Hassan (6)

I love You Allah in different ways

O Allah!

I want to tell you I love you in different ways

And so I begin this poem by giving You praise

I love You for giving me Jannah on Earth

She is my sister who has been with me since birth.

O Allah!

I love you so very very much

Even though I cannot see You or touch

I love you more than any other

Even more than my father and mother.

O Allah!

I love you more than myself

I love you more than money and wealth

I love You for giving me Iman and health

Iman and health are the best wealth.

O Allah!

You are Al-Baseer, the seer

When I am afraid You are always near

You are Al-Samee’, You hear

When I remember You I have no fear.

O Allah!

I love You for being Al-Khaliq, my maker

You gave me life and you are the taker

I love You for being my Wali, my friend

On the day that everything will end.

Everything will end but You will remain

When you create me again, I will love you again.


11-15 Category: La’Raib Khan (14)


I have lost everything,

I have lost everyone,

Yet my imaan has been the strongest,

It cannot be undone.

Because I believe in the qadr of Allah,

and know my intentions are clean,

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem.

“O’ Allah” I screamed we have stopped crying,

“O’ Allah” i screamed can’t you see we are human, we are dying?

I have made it through the day today,

I have made it through the danger,

Yet I keep my hands up in dua, I hear dua is an amazing exchanger.

Allah will pave the way for us,

this I truly believe,

I seek your pardon O’ Allah,

All greatness Inshallah, together we shall achieve.

I must end here my brothers & sisters, as the shelling has become intense,

There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the smoke from the bombs has become immensely dense.

But it’s times like this I realise everything happens from the will of Allah my lord,

My passion, My faith, My hope, My strength is always so strong and stored.

If I don’t make it out of here

I pray I shall meet you in the gardens of heaven,

As Allah has promised us believers great bounties, in all stages of paradise, all seven.

Allah hears even the most silent prayers of a sincere heart, O’ Muslim ummah pray for us, that’s all we ask of you, play your part.



16+ Category: Rashida Morisiya (32)

In Search of the Beloved

On the cold window, I breathe out a great canvas of condensation

My finger of Shahadah, shaping His Name with mighty concentration

My pen then levitates on the margins of my scribbled-on book

Yet it is no place for The One with Whom such Covenant I once took

Nothing temporary, I realise, can uphold such Impeccable Permanence

Not the drying water, nor the fading ink, can capture his Everlasting Eminence

So I look at The Graceful and Wonderous Signs, Authored by Him Alone

From glistening oceans, majestic mountains, to every pebble and stone;

Gratitude, for which every, single tongue in existence could never express

But the relentless heart in dhikrullah continues to do so, nevertheless

Turning away from the window, with a heavy sigh, I put down my pen

“Ya Ilaahi,” I pray, “return me to my fitrah so I can truly love You again.”

My pulse beats louder and louder and I can hear no other sound

A Powerful Presence I can suddenly feel, His Bountiful Love is all around

In memory of my beloved & departed shaykh, Hadhrat Shaykh Abdul Rahim Motala Rahimahullah. May Allah swt accept these words as a sadaqa for him and all our beloved Ummah, Ameen

Written by IlmFeed

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