10 Things to Ponder Before Ramadhan Ends

It seems like yesterday that we welcomed Ramadhan. Now we are in to the last week.

It’s time to reflect on how we spent the month and to use these last days to rescue it. If it ends well, it was spent well. As the hadith goes, ‘Actions are judged by their endings’.

Here are 10 things to ponder before Ramadhan ends:

1. How have I spent Ramadhan? Am I happy with my worship? Where can I improve for these final days? Did I sin in Ramadhan? If so which ones? The sins I couldn’t avoid in Ramadhan are probably my biggest vices given I couldn’t stop them during such a blessed time. These sins require special attention and intervention.

2. What habits have I picked up in Ramadhan? Can I continue some of them? Fasting is the most obvious one. What about reciting Qur’an, dhikr, dua, five prayers, charity, frequenting the masjid, night time worship, watching my tongue, eating together as a family, sharing food with others, seeking out good content online, etc etc? Guess what? none of these are exclusive to Ramadhan. Let’s pick a few and carry them on afterwards.

3. What have I cut down on? Obviously food. But what else? Inappropriate shows on TV perhaps, or screen time in general, smoking, swearing, backbiting, arguing etc? How does it feel? Wouldn’t it be great if this could continue?

4. What have I realised is lacking in my learning? Perhaps I don’t know how to pray properly, I don’t read Qur’an well, I don’t know what the Qur’an says, I don’t know many basic duas, I know very little about my Prophet’s life. Whatever your gaps in knowledge, you can fill them by reading good books or taking courses.

Check out these online courses which you can take from anywhere in the world. If you’re from London, check out this list of part time courses for adults.

5. What about my children’s learning? Are they going to a good Islamic supplementary school? Do they recite Qur’an well, have good knowledge of Islam, seem keen on religion? Or are they somewhat indifferent? Ramadhan is a good time to think about the whole family’s religiosity and think about solutions.

If you’re from London and you have children, check out Rashidun Supplementary Schools.

6. How am I towards my parents? Ill conduct towards parents is one of the worst of the major sins. According to a hadith, Allah punishes such people in the dunya. We must be attentive to them and make sure we are good to them. We don’t have to give in to unjust demands but there is no excuse for neglect and bad behaviour towards them.

7. Are there any other relationships I need to mend? It’s not too late. Reach out before Ramadhan ends. Mending relationships is spiritually and emotionally enriching, and breaking family ties is a sin. And don’t forget your neighbours.

8. What about company? Do my friends bring me closer to deen or distance me from deen. Its something to think about. After all, ‘a man is upon the religion of his friend.’ A friend who turns you away from Allah is a friend you do not need.

9. We’ve all heard of new year’s resolutions. What we Muslims need is post Ramadhan resolutions. This is the best month of the year, and the best time to change and stay changed. Make those resolutions now.

10. What have I planned for Eid? If I commit any sin on Eid day, then what does it say about my Ramadhan? What I do immediately after Ramadhan is either a sign that my Ramadhan is accepted or a sign that Ramadhan was rejected. What is sinning on eid day a sign of?

It’s time to think, evaluate and plan ahead.

Ramadhan is almost over, may we have a blessed year ahead.

Written by Shaykh Shams Adduha. Follow him on Facebook.

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