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This Online Course Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Muslim Spain

Photo Credit: Slaunger, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons (This image is a cropped version of the original)

An online course produced by Al Maghrib Institute will teach you all you need to know about Muslim history in Spain.

Muslims ruled Spain for 781 years before being expelled. How did the Muslims become rulers of Spain and what led to their expulsion? This course will answer those questions and more, providing lessons from the rise and fall of Islamic civilization in Spain.

The course covers the following topics:

  • The impact of Jesus and Christendom on the Muslim presence in Andalusia
  • The Sahabah’s legacy in Europe
  • The unexpected reason Iberia attracted the Muslims
  • The North African kingdoms and their imprint in the Spanish narrative
  • The achievements and mistakes of the Islamic civilization in Spain
  • The descendants of ethnically Spanish Muslims today

The course also includes maps and other multimedia which is great for visual learners:

The best part about the course is that it was filmed on location at various heritage sites in Spain:

The course is taught by Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick who is a senior scholar and historian who has dedicated his life to recovering forgotten Muslim history.

Dr. Quick has travelled to over 61 countries researching Islamic history from primary sources. He is the author of many scholarly publications, books and television documentaries.

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