Muslim Teen Bravely Tracks Down Man who Violently Assaulted Orthodox Jewish Woman

A Muslim teenager helped police track down a man who punched an Orthodox Jewish woman in the face on a New York subway train. 

17-year-old, Ahmed Khalifa, witnessed the attack while riding the Q-train in Brooklyn.

“He just hit her like, and then I just… when I looked at her she was like bleeding. There was blood all over her face. Her glasses were on the floor. Her stuff was all scattered. She was just crying,” Khalifa told ABC

Despite witnessing a violent attack, the teen whose family is from Sudan, then decided to put his own safety at risk to make sure the perpetrator didn’t get away.

Khalifa got off the train and left the station in order to pursue the attacker. He says he followed the attacker, 31-year-old Rayvon Jones, around 5 blocks until he got onto a bus. 

Khalifa then gave police the bus number, so they were able to track down and arrest Jones. 

It was only when Jones got off the bus that Khalifa realised that the man he had been pursuing was almost a foot taller than him and twice his age.

When asked why he, as a Muslim, helped a Jewish woman he said that it was justice that made him intervene.

“She was just dressed religiously. You could tell that she’s Jewish and I’m Muslim. And then people were just like confused like: ‘You helped a Jewish lady, wow.’ Like that has nothing to do with the fact that she’s Jewish. I just helped a lady,” Khalifa said.

“It was very wrong, you can’t do that. I just hope he gets punished longer because he deserves to stay in jail.”

Written by IlmFeed

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