Muslim Mums Show Appreciation to Firefighters With #Love4Legends Campaign

Following the Grenfell Tower disaster, a group of Muslim mums got together to start the #Love4Legends campaign as a way of showing gratitude to firefighters who put themselves in danger in order to save others.

A message was sent out via social media calling on people across the country to send ‘care packages’ in the form of gifts and hampers. People were encouraged to use the hashtag #Love4Legends in order to encourage others to do the same.

The message read:

In our time of need they would risk everything for us, show them how much that means to you by thanking them personally.

The response has been amazing with gift hampers being delivered to fire stations around the country.

Fire stations also sent out tweets thanking the public’s generosity.

Staines fire station thanked the Muslim Community:

They had received a hamper along with a note which read:

To Staines Fire Station. “And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved mankind entirely” (Qur’an Chapter Al Maidah 5:32).

Thank you for all you did, we know you tried your best. Enjoy our small token of gratitude to you. Muslim Community – UK

A station in Forest Hill received gifts from a mother and her children:

Firefighers at Lambeth Fire Station were delighted with the gifts and posed for a photo:

Firefighers in Southall were also happy to receive the gifts:

These firefighters received lovely cakes:

Twitter / Love4Legends

Firefighters in Mitcham received the following card along with some goodies:

Twitter / Love4Legends

Some fire stations let the children try out the fire fighting equipment:

Boy tries on a fireman’s jacket and helmet. Twitter / Love4Legends

Boy tries out a fire fighting hose. Twitter / Love4Legends

The London Fire Brigade’s official Twitter account posted this tweet thanking Muslims mums for the campaign stating that gifts were received in all of their fire stations in London.


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