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Muslim Beautifully Responds to Paris Attackers

A Muslim poet called Kamal Saleh has beautifully responded to the Paris attackers using spoken-word poetry. The video, produced by Talk Islam which was uploaded to YouTube has already been viewed thousands of times.

The Talk Islam channel stated their reasons for producing the video:

This video is a response to all those that have abused, disgraced or debased the message of Islam through their words and actions, whether they be deranged Muslims or Anti-Islam haters.

We did not create this video, except in defence of the Messenger (peace be upon him) and to uphold the sanctity of his teachings which are being disgraced daily by these people. May Allah make this video a means of benefit to both Muslims and Non-Muslims so that they may understand and appreciate the merciful reality of our Noble Messenger.

Watch it here:


Written by IlmFeed

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