A Man Was Expecting a Delivery During Friday Prayers So He Came Up With a Brilliant Plan To Make Sure He Didn’t Miss It

Foysol Uddin from Burnley was expecting a delivery on Friday but it was scheduled to be delivered at 1pm. However, that coincided with the Friday prayers which he had to attend at a Mosque just minutes away.

So he came up with a brilliant idea.

He put up a note on his door with the following message:

Hi I’ve just gone to the mosque (on your right hand side) to pray. I’ll be back in 5 mins. Please can you wait for me to return. Thank you.

And he attached a chocolate bar to the note ?

P.S I have attached this bar of chocolate for you to enjoy whilst you wait, thanks again 🙂

When he returned from the Friday prayers he found the UPS delivery man waiting whilst eating the chocolate bar! The plan worked and the delivery man thanked him for the chocolate saying it was the first time he saw anything like it.

Win! ?

Via: Al Kaatib Calligraphist

Written by IlmFeed

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