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Hindu Couple Name their Newborn after Muslim Hero

Amidst all the devastation and destruction caused by the recent floods in Chennai, India, here’s a story of a Muslim hero who saved a Hindu couple facing certain death.

Heavily pregnant Chitra and her husband Mohan could only watch as the flood waters continued to rise and they had given up their lives to fate. Neighbours had already left and government response teams were yet to reach their locality.

To their surprise, 26 year old Muslim businessman named Mohamed Yunus appeared with a boat accompanied by some friends looking for people stranded due to the floods. He had hired four boats with Rs 1 lakh of his own money for the search and rescue mission.

Speaking about the rescue, Yunus told The Times of India:

“I hail from Nungambakkam and I realised on the night of December 2 something is not right and I thought of helping my friends in Urapakkam area, which was one of the worst-hit areas.”

Yunus and his team took them aboard and delivered them to safety.

“The full credit goes to the team, my friends and the fishermen from Besant Nagar beach,”

The story doesn’t end there. Yunus received a text a few days later from the couple saying that they have decided to name their newborn child ‘Yunus’ after their hero. Yunus is a name of a Muslim prophet – also known as Jonah in English.

Yunus says he hopes to visit the child soon and he has pledged to pay for the child’s education:

“As far as the child is concerned, I will definitely pay a visit soon. I wish to inform them that the child’s education fees would be fully borne by me,”

Written by IlmFeed

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