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Daughter Secretly Donates Kidney to Save Her Father’s Life

Imagine yourself requiring a life saving operation. You need a new organ and fortunately receive it in time. You are relieved and thankful for the opportunity to live a single day more thanks to the generosity of an anonymous fellow human. You wonder who they are and pray for their everlasting well-being.

Mohammed Ismail Ashour Al-Saigh was blessed with the opportunity to benefit from a kind donor after he suffered kidney failure. Prior to this vital operation Al-Saigh didn’t have the faintest idea as to the identity of the mystery donor whose modesty and kindness had led to saving his life.

For three years his daughter Wala had watched in anguish as her father’s health dramatically declined to the point that a life-saving kidney transplant was the last resort if there was any chance of him staying alive.

Wala grew more and more restless and her anxiety increased each time her father had dialysis. Al-Saigh shed tears and Wala’s anguish grew.

Whilst Al-Saigh was attending an appointment, Wala secretly accessed his medical reports. A subsequent medical analysis revealed that she was a match so the family urgently travelled to Tabuk from Dhiba. Al-Saigh was simply told that there was good news and his kidney donor had requested anonymity.

As the operation at the Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk was planned and set in motion the twenty-three-year-old Wala continued to maintain her silence.

As Al-Saigh regained consciousness in the hospital recovery theatre he soon realised that there was another patient in the bed next to him who turned out to be Wala. After regaining his composure it dawned on Al-Saigh that the mystery donor was none other than his beloved daughter.

Even in her plight the dutiful Wala assured her father that the gesture was nothing compared to the sacrifices he had made in life to bring the children up with great care.

Recounting that encounter in the Saudi Gazette Wala said to her father, “It is time that we repay you for all the good things you have done for us. You have brought us up properly, built a beautiful house for us and guarded us with your life.”

Wala added that she saw tears coming out of the eyes of her grateful father, “I am extremely happy that my kidney suited my father and that I have donated it to him,” she said.

Written by Emdad Rahman

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