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American Offers Apology to Canadian Muslims

An American living in Canada has apologized to Muslims for the vilification of Muslims by certain parts of the media. The note was note left on a car which was parked at a Mosque in British Colombia, Canada.

The anonymous person added that ‘not all Americans are filled with hatred’.

The note reads:

“Hello & God Bless you. You don’t know me but I am an American who happens to live in Canada. I needed to tell you for myself – As much as for my country, I am SORRY for what is being said about your faith on our media (over & over). I just wanted to say not ALL Americans are filled with so much hatred. With much respect and LOVE, please forgive the rhetoric coming from the USA. I am studying Islam & find the faith honourable and loving.

Please be strong and know you have the love & support of many American Christians. even after this tragedy in Florida – the answer is always love.

Thank you for letting me express my sorrow for the unwanted vilification of your faith which is so full of LOVE. May our creator bless your Church [Mosque].”



Written by IlmFeed

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