6 Tips to Wake Up for Tahajjud

Mujib Abdur Rahman shares his 6 tips to help you wake up for Tahajjud (night prayers).

1. Only for Allah

man praying

Make your intention that you want to pray Tahajjud only for Allah. Whether or not you want to pray Tahajjud for a particular thing you wish for, make a sincere intention that you are praying for Allah’s sake only.

2. Ask Him

ask Allah

Make a little Du’a to Allah just before you sleep, telling Him that you want to wake up for Tahajjud and need His help.

3. Beep Beep Beep

Alarm clock

Set the alarm for when you want to wake up. It is recommended to pray Tahajjud just before Fajr time kicks in. So set it for at least 30-40 minutes before Fajr, just in case you need to hit the snooze button! It can be a little difficult at first, so give yourself enough time.

4. Early Bird

early bird

Go to sleep early and don’t waste time. Don’t spend time on unnecessary things; just pull up your blanket and sleep!

5. Little by little

step by step

When you do wake up, try not to pray so many raka’ah at once. Pace yourself. You want to try and get up regularly, so don’t do a whole lot one night and not be getting up at all later!

6. Don’t Miss Fajr!


Make sure you don’t miss a Fardh ‘Ibadah for a Nafl one. Fajr is compulsory so make sure that is not missed!

The ultimate advice is; Try… don’t give up. May Allah make it easy for us all and allow us to be in His service at all times, Aameen.

By Mujib Abdur Rahman

Written by IlmFeed

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