12 Proofs That Israel is Committing War Crimes in Gaza

The onslaught by Israel on Gaza has led to condemnation throughout the world with Bolivian president describing Israel as a ‘terrorist state’ and a former British deputy Prime Minister accusing Israel of committing ‘war crimes’.

Here are 12 proofs that Israel has carried out war crimes by targetting the civilian population in Gaza.

1. When they targetted homes…

Gaza Home

gaza home 2

2. …And killed children playing on a beach.

gaza beach

3. When they struck vehicles belonging to journalists…



4. And the UN…

gaza un vehicle 2

gaza UN vehivle

5. When they destroyed ambulances…

gaza ambulance 2


6. Attacked paramedics…


7. …And bombed places of worship

mosque 2


8. When an Israeli sniper killed this unarmed man looking for survivors…

gaza civilian

gaza civilian 2

9. …And when this power station was destroyed.

gaza power station

10. When they bombed this centre for disabled children…

gaza disabled centre for children

11. …this hospital…

hospital 3

hospital 2


12. …and this school.


gaza school

We call on the international community to bring Israel to justice and stop it from committing war crimes against a defenseless civilian population.

Please share this widely so the world can see what is really happening in Gaza.

Written by IlmFeed

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