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YouTube Prankster Jack Jones Says The Qur’an is ‘Powerful’

YouTube prankster Jack Jones has posted the following image and wrote “This book is so powerful “. 

He wrote in the comments that was a quarter into it. The post attracted mixed comments with some asking why he was reading the Qur’an.

Responding to the hateful comments, Jack wrote:

I can’t believe the ignorance people comment. It’s a book and it talks about being loving compassionate and happy like any other religion. And they’re the best aspects you can have as human beings so to everyone being negative sort yourselves out and stop being so narrow minded

Others weren’t as critical.

Rebecca said she’d be willing to read the Qur’an too and Denisa said that she was reading the Qur’an too. Step agreed that it was an amazing book and Nikki commended Jack for wanting to broaden his understanding,

May Allah guide us all to the truth. Ameen

Written by IlmFeed

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