You Can Now Own Your Very Own Piece of the Kiswah

The Ka’bah is adored by Muslims all over the world. Five times a day, Muslims face towards the house of Allah built by Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and yearn to visit it.

The Ka’bah’s covering known as the kiswah is changed annually during the days of Hajj and pieces from the old covering are distributed as gifts around the world, often to dignitaries and guests of the Saudi government.

Many Muslims have a desire to own a part of the kiswah but getting hold of a piece has not been easy…until now.

A company called Rumi’s Garden has managed to secure several pieces of the kiswah which they have made available for anyone to buy. They explain how they obtained the kiswah pieces on their website:

Where did Rumi’s Garden receive the kiswah’s from? “A close family friend who is a diplomat is a collector and expert of kiswahs and tabarukat. He has close ties to The Kiswah Factory and he sells us pieces that he has extras of. Furthermore, we are in contact with a few reliable collectors of Islamic relics and we always try and make sure that our items are authentic.” – Rumi’s Garden

Rumi’s garden make very little profit from selling the kiswahs and any money raised is used to ensure they continue to provide this service.

The kiswah pieces come in beautiful gold frames:

Close up of a kiswah piece 

With each kiswah piece, a certificate from the kiswah factory is provided to prove its authenticity.

In addition to the Ka’bah’s kiswah pieces, pieces from the covering which once covered the prophet’s ﷺ tomb are available for purchase.

Other items include pieces of the carpet which were once used in the Rawdah and manuscripts of the Qur’an which are hundreds of years old.

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