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Woman Wearing Niqab Receives Unexpected Note From Stranger on a Train

Umm Abdullah who wears a face veil was travelling on a train in England when she was passed a folded note by a stranger. The message in the note was unexpected and surprised her.
In a Facebook post, she describes how she noticed a woman who was sitting opposite her kept looking at her. As someone who wears a face veil, she usually gets people staring at her but she says she doesn’t mind.

The woman sitting in front of her avoided making eye contact and looked away when Umm Abdullah looked at her.

“So there was this one woman I noticed in particular sitting opposite me. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was looking at for me for a while. Every time I’d glance back at her to smile, she would quickly look away. as funny as it may seem she wasn’t very good at disguising it.”

Soon, the train had reached the woman’s stop and as she was leaving she gave a folded note to Umm Abdullah.

“I guessed we came to her stop when she picked up her bag and stood up. To my surprise she then leaned forward towards me and slipped a folded note into my hands.”

She didn’t know what to expect, what if the woman had left a nasty comment?

So Umm Abdullah opened it to see the following message written on it:

Facebook / ummxabdullah

You look beautiful in your veil just like the full moon in the night sky

She says it was the ‘most beautiful and heart warming 15 worded note’ she had ever read in her life.

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