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I’m Not a Muslim and Visiting a Mosque Today Made Me Cry

It was ‘Visit my Mosque Day’ today, nationally. We went – to Newport this morning. It was beautiful on a lot of levels.

There were displays, free refreshments (lots) and invites to a talk about the beliefs and to watch prayers if you wanted to. We did everything except watch the prayers – which we didn’t have time to do. But the MAIN thing by far was the welcome, the openness and the generosity and the love with which we were welcomed.

We walked in, were greeted, walked another few feet into the room and then, it hit us both – within about 3 minutes – and we both cried. With me, it was an uncontrolled sobbing – I was very embarrassed. It was the overwhelming realisation, as if I didn’t know it before, of how ‘the same’ we all are and how completely unnecessary it is for such stupid animosity towards ‘them’ (they are us…).

I was warmly hugged immediately – until I stopped – by three beautiful Muslim women who then explained to Jonny that they were sorry but they couldn’t hug him  which made us all laugh and stopped me – for a bit – from crying.

I am aware this was an over the top reaction on my part but I make no excuses – couldn’t do anything about it anyway. I wanted to share it. There are terrorists from every religion. But the majority of all of us on this beautiful planet are beautiful people who don’t want or need the conflict and violence imposed on us by a tiny minority from all the religions. It was a completely enriching experience.

– Jaki Miles-Windmill

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