Use this Hack to Double Your Donations this Ramadan

Use this hack to double your donations this Ramadan. You could literally turn £50 into £100 (No, seriously)

Here’s how:

There’s a platform called Givematch set up by a team of talented Muslims which has a unique feature where they double every donation that is made through their platform.

When someone donates through Givematch, they are given their own unique link. And if they get two friends to donate (any amount), the original donation is matched. For example, if someone donated £50, Givematch will double it to £100. This is designed to encourage sharing good deeds.

Sounds too good to be true? Where does the money come from? Givematch separately seeks out match funding from high net worth donors, businesses, corporations & foundations etc. who pledge to match donations.

How can I double my donations? This Ramadan, ilmfeed are running a fundraiser called Feed the Ummah where we are aiming to provide over 500,000 meals to some of our most needy brothers and sisters around the world.

Double your donations at:

Written by IlmFeed

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