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Today I Wore the Hijab and it Taught Me So Much About Muslim Women

Today I chose to wear a Hijab, in support of our Muslim women ?

I learnt a lot today…. not even two hours into my day while wearing this I experienced verbal abuse, by someone who I have never seen before or doesn’t know anything about me. I was greeted with “eah get that f***ing sh*t off your head”. It was a bit of a shock, and hurt me a little but then I thought about why I chose to wear this today, and the reason why was so much more important than what some random had to say about me. 

I carried on with my day, and then I experienced whispering, staring, judgemental looks etc etc, and again I reminded myself why I am doing this.

I sat back and thought about what I had experienced this morning and it hurt me so bad! This is the sort of thing our Muslim women experience daily by people who don’t know them or anything about them. It made me see just how strong they are. I absolutely admire them as people, and as a religion. They do not let what other people say or how they act towards them, get to them. They stay strong to their beliefs and wear what they wear with pride.

We then went to the Mosque this afternoon to pay our respects and support our community – it was beautiful!  So many people showed up in support, and it was beautiful to see how many non-Muslim women wore hijabs. 

Today was such a big life lesson for me, I feel so empowered by the strength, pride, kindness, humility and acceptance by our Muslim brothers and sisters! 

Although under stink circumstances I am so glad I got to experience this with my babies. To teach them that no matter what skin colour, race, or religion you are, to be kind, ALWAYS. To show my girls, what real strength is, and how to be respectful, and supportive in times like this. Teaching them now, will establish how they will be in the future.

This was originally posted on Facebook and it has been published on IlmFeed with the author’s permission.

Written by Memory Pairama

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