Thousands Tweet In Support of Muslim Woman After She is Attacked by Islamophobes

Thousands have tweeted with the hashtag #IMarchWithLinda in support of Muslim activist Linda Sarsour who has been subjected to Islamophobic abuse. The online abuse began after a women’s march took place against Donald Trump which she helped organize.

Linda has been falsely accused of being anti-American, anti-Jew and a supporter of terrorists among other things.


A photo showing Linda holding up her index finger is being used by Islamophobes as ‘evidence’ that she is a supporter of ISIS:

linda one finger

The fact is, the one-finger gesture is used by Muslims around the world as a symbol proclaiming the Oneness of God. While it is true that ISIS fighters have been seen using the same ‘one-finger salute’ in propaganda photos and videos, Muslims have been using their index finger to proclaim the Oneness of God for centuries, long before ISIS even came into existence. The index finger is also lifted when Muslims pray their five daily prayers.

Following the abuse, Linda posted the following message on Facebook calling on people to stand with her:


I need extra prayers sisters and brothers. The opposition cannot fathom to see a Palestinian Muslim American woman that…

Posted by Linda Sarsour on Monday, 23 January 2017


And stand with her they did, by Monday afternoon (US time), #IMarchWithLinda was trending.


Here are just some tweets which were posted in support of Linda:





A crowdfunder has also been started by LaunchGood to send her on vacation so that she can ‘relax, unwind, and recoup so she can get back to organizing and launching good!’. Click here to support.

A petition has also been set up to show solidarity with Linda.

Written by IlmFeed

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