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The Selfless Hero who Saved Over 300 Rohingya Stranded at Sea

Yusuf: The Fisherman Hero

While traveling in Indonesia to oversee Rohingyan refugee work done by British charity Lonely Orphans, Syed Ikhlaas came across a true hero: Yusuf.

ikhlaas and yusuf

Left: Yusuf, Right: Syed Ikhlaas

Saving 300 Rohingyan Refugees

What’s so remarkable about Yusuf? Yusuf is a poor fisherman who lives off the coast of Langsa, Indonesia. Recently he saved over 300 of Rohingyan refugees stranded at sea. Yusuf came across a ship laden with Rohingyan refugees who were fleeing persecution in Myanmar which was stranded in the middle of the ocean – 7 hours from shore. He radioed authorities for help but couldn’t wait after seeing their desperate situation the only problem was that his small fishing boat could only accommodate around 48 people.

Yusuf fit as many people as he could onto his boat and took them to the shore rescuing them from the perils of the ocean. Despite the 14 hour journey there and back he didn’t stop until each and every person on board had been saved. In total he made 7 trips and saved over 300 people!


Rohingyans at a refugee camp – Photo: Lonely Orphans

Yusuf tells Syed:

“There were many in the water naked and stranded, I alerted the authorities and personally made 7 trips, 14 hours there and back from my island”

When asked about why he took it upon himself to undertake such heroic actions Yusuf told Syed:

“I had to help them, the rule of the sea is everyone must help each other, regardless of where they were from”


Syed says Yusuf is a humble man who isn’t seeking recognition for his efforts. His reward is with Allah.

Losing his only source of livelihood

Syed informed IlmFeed that only a couple of weeks after Yusuf’s heroic efforts, heavy tides caused Yusuf’s fishing boat – his source of livelihood to sink and he cannot afford the costs of a new boat.

yusuf 2

Alhamdulillah IlmFeed did a fundraiser and raised just under £5,000 which allowed him to buy a new boat.

Written by IlmFeed

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