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Sonny Bill Williams Asks Bikini-Wearing Ring Girls to Leave Media Event

New Zealand rugby player Sonny Bill Williams has asked two bikini-wearing ring girls to leave a media event for a charity boxing match which is taking place this Saturday.

Sonny Bill Williams a convert to Islam, did not think it was necessary to use the girls in the promotion of the event.

“It is what it is and that’s the business we’re in, but for myself I don’t think it was necessary bringing them here.” said Williams.

Australia’s Channel 9 reporter Danny Weidler told Nine News,

“The presence of scantily clad ring girls at the media opportunity. Both Williams and his agent (Khoder Nasser) are devout Muslims and asked that they be removed.”

Proceeds from the charity boxing match taking place on December 1st 2018 between Sonny Bill Williams and Stu Laundy will go towards homeless charities in Sydney including The Exodus Foundation.

Last year Williams was exempted from wearing banking, alcohol or gambling logos on his shirt because they went against his religious beliefs.

It’s great to see Sonny Bill Williams confidently practising his faith and not shying away from his Muslim values. May Allah bless him.

In the Qur’an (24:30) it is mentioned,

[Prophet], tell believing men to lower their glances and guard their private parts: that is purer for them. God is well aware of everything they do.

Written by IlmFeed

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