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Social Media Defends Muslim Journalist After She Is Attacked By National Newspaper

On Monday morning, an article written by Kelvin MacKenzie for The Sun questioned why Channel 4 News had asked Fatima Manji, a Muslim, Hijab wearing journalist and regular news presenter to cover the Nice massacre.

We’re as confused by this as you are, so was the rest of social media. People have been tweeting their anger and disgust at Kelvin MacKenzie for writing the article and The Sun for publishing it. It should also be noted that The Sun originally tweeted about the article but after the backlash they received, they deleted the tweet.


Kadhim couldn’t believe that The Sun actually published it:



Nooruddean questioned why Kelvin MacKenzie is even covering the story:



Hifzha gave an obvious answer to a somewhat ridiculous question:



Many are calling for people like you, to report the article, the writer and the publisher to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO):



Many others have voiced their thoughts about the offensive article. Here are some:


Some have even questioned MP’s on why they’re sharing a platform with Kelvin MacKenzie:


We’d like to encourage everyone to report Kelvin MacKenzie’s article to the IPSO here.

Written by Toy Miah

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