She Passed Away Yesterday, This Was Her Last Tweet

This sister passed away yesterday (we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return). The following is the last tweet she posted on her Twitter account a couple of days ago:

Here are some of her previous tweets in which she expressed her love for Islam and shared Islamic advice

A very poignant reminder:

If we have social media accounts, we will be remembered by the posts we left behind when we pass away. Have a look through your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed and see if you are happy to leave behind those posts for everyone to remember you by. Whenever we make new posts, we should have this in mind.

Let this also be a reminder that death can come at any time. If we are intending to do a good deed, let’s do it today and not wait for tomorrow as it may never come. Many people wait until Ramadan to donate as rewards are multiplied but they never get the opportunity to do so.

You can easily donate online to a charity like Muslim Aid. £3 a month can support needy children around the world or you can make a one-off donation of any amount you wish. Click here to donate.

We ask Allah to have mercy on the sister and grant her Jannah, Ameen. Please also make du’a for her and for all those whom have passed away.

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