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Remembering Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed tragically passed away in a plane crash in Pakistan. He was one of the most popular musicians in Pakistan before he left his lucrative career for the sake of Allah. He spent the remaining years of his life calling people to Allah through his Islamic songs and by traveling the world giving lectures and reminders.

Here is a short bio of Junaid Jamshed:


1964 Junaid Jamshed was born on 3rd September in Karachi, Pakistan.

1983 He becomes front man for music band ‘Vital Signs’.


1987 Gains international prominence after his band release hit albums.


2001 He starts distancing himself from music and begins praying regularly.


2004 Publicly quits the music industry and announces he will devote his life to Islam.


2005 Releases first Islamic album in order to remind people about Allah and Islam.


2005 – 2016 Engages in propagating Islam, travelling the world giving lectures and reminders.


2005 – 2016 He remains active in charity work working with various charities around the world.


2016 Junaid Jamshed passes away in a tragic plane crash in Pakistan.

May Allah have mercy on him.

Written by IlmFeed

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