National Survey Launched to Help Muslims Improve their Salah

Mindful Prayer have launched a national survey on Salah to help create effective & FREE resources for Salah – for all members of our diverse community.

The team at Mindful Prayer believe that while we all acknowledge prayer is an integral part of our faith, many of us feel our prayers can be improved. Meaningful prayer can change our lives by moving us towards God and away from disobedience. This means that potentially many of us are missing out on the reward and impact of meaningful prayer

The survey will help the team take a pulse check on the state of Salah in the UK, which in turn will help them create ‘the best learning content for individuals and communities across the UK’.

The team at Mindful Prayer said:

“We want to help make the existing wealth of traditional knowledge and insight on this topic accessible to all, in a way that resonates with individuals wherever they are on their journey to God.

We believe that improving one’s connection with God is a lifelong pursuit, and through our work with Mindful Prayer, we hope to improve the quality of our own connection with Allah SWT. If we also manage to help others, that would be amazing too”

About the survey:

  • A short survey that will only take three minutes
  • Completely anonymous 
  • Your answers will help inform their work and the work of others interested in this important pillar of our lives

Click here to take the survey

Written by IlmFeed

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