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Muslim Surgeon Stabbed in ‘Hate Crime’ Forgives His Attacker

A Muslim surgeon who was stabbed as he walked to his local mosque has said that he has forgiven his attacker.

Nasser Kurdy was stabbed in the neck and suffered a three-centimetre wound as he walked to the Altrincham Islam Centre in Cheshire. He was taken to hospital nearby where he works as a surgeon and he has now been discharged.

In May, Nasser operated on those injured in the outrage in the Manchester arena attack.

The father of three said thank God for showing him mercy:

“God was merciful to me yesterday. It could be a nerve, an artery, a vein, the gullet. The neck is the contact between the body and your head, but fortunately it was just the muscle.

“As I entered the grounds of the premises, I felt that pain and the blow to my neck.

“I turned around and saw this gentleman in a threatening pose. I did feel threatened, I did feel vulnerable.”

Nasser also acts as an Imam at the mosque here he sometimes gives sermons.

Nasser said he has totally forgiven his attacker:

“He is not representative of what this country stands for. I have absolutely no anger or hate or anything negative towards him. I have declared it, I have totally forgiven him.”

He says there needs to be acknowledgment that anti-Muslim crimes are on the increase:

“There needs to be acknowledgement that hate crimes against Muslims are on the increase and they are becoming more physical.

“It’s not just someone saying something verbally, or somebody pulling a headscarf or what have you, it is now taking that extra step and I think that extra step is what has started worrying and frightening people.

“There are very senseless acts of insanity taking place, which can only fuel anger and hate.

Dr Khalid Anis, a spokesman for the Altrincham & Hale Muslim Association, said:

“It could have been very, very serious…we understand it was a knife, he is very lucky.”

“The fact they attacked an orthopaedic consultant who devoted his life to helping others is really quite poignant.”

May Allah bless him.

Cover photo: Manchester Evening News

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