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Top 5 Lectures for Beginner Entrepreneurs at M Powered Summit Day 1

If you have been following the IlmFeed Facebook page this week and the last, you will know what M Powered Summit is about.

If not, and you have no idea what M Powered Summit is about, check out our pre-event interview with the founders.

Here are the top 5 lectures from day 1 of the summit.

The way I scored it is like this – if I was a beginner entrepreneur, or thinking about getting into entrepreneurship, which lectures would have given me the most actionable information?

Farrukh Naeem, one of the guest speakers, recorded every lecture, and has graciously given Ilmfeed permission to use them.

If you want to watch all of the lectures from day 1 of M Powered Summit, check out Farrukh’s Facebook feed

M Powered Summit Dubai 2016

1) Ahmed Abdel Wahhab

Ahmed talks about the most important step in starting a successful business – idea validation. Most startups fail because they create a product that no one wants. You need to speak to your target customers, listen to them, find out what their problems are, and create a product that solves those problems

2) Com Mirza

Com talks about the entrepreneur’s mindset, what differentiates a failed entrepreneur from a successful one, and what differentiates a 6-figure entrepreneur from a 7- or 8-figure entrepreneur. He does it in a personal way by talking about how his first nine startups failed.

3) Irfan Khairi

Irfan talks about the importance of content marketing for entrepreneurs, i.e. creating and curating content that is relevant and useful to your target market, to increase your digital footprint and drive web traffic to your website. He goes over the basics of how to get your website to rank in the #1 spot on search engines like Google and the basics of social media marketing. He also goes over how to re-purpose existing content for different media channels – blog posts, social media updates, videos, podcasts etc.

4) Chris Abdur-rahman Blauvelt

Chris talks about how to use crowdfunding to start your business. He talks about why you should crowdfund and how to do it successfully, using recent examples of successful Launchgood projects.

5) Hodan Ibrahim, Mohammed Faris, Dustin Craun

In this panel discussion, they talk about internalizing spirituality and maintaining a daily routine of worship – essential for the difficult journey of entrepreneurship.

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Written by Nabeel Azeez

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M Powered Summit Dubai 2016

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