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HEARTWARMING: People Share Supportive Comments On Video Of Muslim Man Praying In Public

When a local news company’s social media page shared this video of a Muslim man praying in public in the north of England, they were bombarded with angry comments… but they weren’t directed towards the Muslim man. They were directed at the news site.

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The video, which was shared on Sheffield News’ Facebook page, accumulated over 400 comments, with many people failing to understand why this video of a man fulfilling his daily act of worship was considered newsworthy, while others accused the page of trying to stir up hatred.

“How is this even news????” wrote Facebook user, Ruth.

“He’s doing nothing wrong leave the guy alone!!!! Just because he has a strong faith good on him!! Oh and by the way this isnt news!!!!!” wrote Lee.

Sara added, “This is the news in Sheffield today!! – Really?? Someone religious is praying. Sheffield “News” seriously needs some new reporters.”

“Well Sheffield News…..that backfired didnt it? You were hoping everyone would post hate comments but instead everyone supports this gentleman. He can pray where he likes. He is close to his god but what a shame people like you aren’t. You should take a leaf from his book. TAKE DOWN the post & stop trying to stir hatred. AGAIN,” wrote Wendy.

Many of the other comments defended the man’s right to pray and praised him for his conviction.

“Good on this man for following his faith. He’s not hurting anyone, so stop trying to incite hatred and let him be. I only wish I had the sort of faith this man has. Much respect xxx” wrote Paula.

“Absolutely shocking that you’d invade someone’s privacy by posting this.I’m not religious, but I respect people’s right to find peace and their inner self in such a harmless way as this. Whoever went to the trouble of filming this needs to take a good, long look at themselves,” added Roy.

Facebook user Terry, claimed he often sees this man praying “He does it outside my chippy when he picks up my ubers,” and added “good on him.”

One commenter, called Bruffy, who shared that he isn’t a religious person wrote that he has a “lot of respect for this man.”

Bradley added, “If anyone has anything negative to say about this, they should be ashamed of themselves. The man has a right to pray and may do so wherever he sees fit, causing no harm or obstruction to others. A man true to his faith. A man with conviction and morals. A lot of “typical” people could learn a lot from this.”

With so much negative news coverage of Muslims in the British press, the hundreds of supportive comments are truly heartwarming. As the saying goes… “faith in humanity restored.”

Written by IlmFeed

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