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Hajj Riders Complete Cycle Ride from London to Madinah

8 British Muslims have reached Madinah, Saudi Arabia after cycling more than 2,000 miles in under 6 weeks through France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

The last legs of their journey was especially tough, having to cycle through the deserts of Egypt and Saudi Arabia through the intense heat. But the sight of the prophet’s mosque made the riders forget all the aches and pains, bringing tears of joy to the riders.

One of the riders, Dobbir Uddin, went live on Facebook on the Hajj Ride page as he cycled to the gates of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Watch the video:

The riders were overwhelmed with emotions and crowds gathered around them to welcome them. They were assisted in Saudi Arabia by local cycling groups Saudi Cyclists and Taibah Cyclists who helped them overcome obstacles they had faced.

Mohammed Ehsaan one of the 8 cyclists said “words cannot describe the feeling”.

The riders will now head to Makkah in order to perform Hajj. May Allah grant them an accepted Hajj.

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