Excitement Building for 3rd UK Qur’an Competition 2019

The eagerly anticipated Grand Final of the 3rd annual UK Qur’an Memorisation & Recitation Competition will be taking place in London, InshaAllah, this coming weekend. This year there will be two separate finals; the Males’ Grand final will be held from 4pm on Saturday 14th December at the London Muslim Centre (1st floor, Hajj Um Aref Hall) E1 9JX. This year, the first-ever UK females’ only Grand Final will also be held from 11am on Sunday 15th December at the Maryam Centre, E1 1JU. Both events will be held within the compound of the East London Mosque respectively.

Alhamdulillah, today's London regional event was a huge success. We enjoyed listening to some mesmerising and amazing…

Slået op af National Huffadh Association UKSøndag den 3. november 2019

A total of 33 male finalists and 20 female finalists will be competing for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in four separate categories respectively (5 Juz, 15 Juz, 30 Juz & Recitation only). Earlier this year, a total of 120 contestants took part in the regional rounds of the inaugural competition across London, Midlands and Yorkshire. The remaining 53 finalists managed to secure their places in the Grand Final. 

MashaAllah, our founder/CEO and lead female volunteers pictured with some of the female finalists of the 3rd UK Qur'an…

Slået op af National Huffadh Association UKSøndag den 3. november 2019

The contestants must recite portions of the Qur’aan from memory and will be judged by an array of international and national Adjudicators. Contestants will be asked to recite from a selection of portions which they are unaware of and will only find out on the day of the Grand Final. The recitation only category has been newly introduced in this year’s competition.

This annual competition has been organised by the National Huffadh Association UK, established since 2016, is the UK’s leading organisation which specifically caters for those who are memorizing and have memorized the Qur’aan. They have over 3,000 Huffadh registered on their database and provide a wide range of services for the local and national community. 

The Grand Final will attract a turnout of several hundred attendees. Special guests for the weekend include: Imam Kazi Luthfur Rahman (Khateeb/Imam, London Central Mosque), Omar Esa (Renowned Nasheeds artist), Ustadha Ameena Blake (Renowned public speaker) and Ayesha Tariq (TV Personality, Islam Channel). International guests will also be attending from Norway, Malaysia and Egypt. The main charity and event partner is Al Khair Foundation UK which is a global organisation (registered within the UK too) that provides relief and educational services around the world. 

The cash prizes for both competitions will total in excess of over £6,000. Also, the 1st position winner of the 30 Juz category in both males and females’ Grand finals will also win a FREE Umrah prize. Additionally, two further winners from each of the males and females’ Grand finals will earn an opportunity to be selected to represent the United Kingdom at an international Qur’an competition abroad
The event will be streamed live globally on Ilmfeed’s official Facebook page. Make sure you tune in from 4pm GMT.

Written by IlmFeed

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